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B.I.G. Sergio
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

B.I.G. Sergio Interviews


Tell us about yourself?

B.I.G. Sergio is a rap artist out of tha 903 in East Texas and originally out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

How would you describe your music? The music has a southern rap flavor. With influences from Bun B, UGK, Scarface. Also, artists like Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Ice Cube are serious influences as well. I am jamming BIG Krit alot now too.

Do you have your own label?

B.I.G. Sergio Media is our label. It is partnered with Evil Empire Management based in Longview Texas.

What is your goals?

Stay completely independent. Meaning distribute, press our own CDS, use digital distribution. Use our own merch designs. Strange Music, Psychopathic, Subnoize are big influences.

Who are some collabs you would hope to have one day? Tech N9ne that dude is a beast. Being from Texas Bun B or anybody from the Geto Boys. The Dirtball is another dude that is a spitta from hell.

What are some of the artists you have opened for? Chingo Bling who is a legendary hispanic artist in Texas and Chamillionaire. In the south Chamillionaire is on some legendary shit.

You have put together a large following in East Texas. Basically, taking over down there in the 903. How are you getting your name out to other areas?

Well, videos and promotion are big. We have created the Sergio Syndicate. Which is our version of fans of B.I.G. Sergio. We are always looking for guys and gals to get out print our artwork and post it at shows around tha country. Particularly, underground.

What are some future projects? I am working on two new CDS. The Prequel to tha Sequel. And Tha Sequel. Hope to drop those several months apart. I have completed the single "Wake Up". Which is a new gangsta rap anthem. We also have "Murderer", "King Kong", and "Ducc and Cover" out there.

Notice you have a lot of promos based around horror. Do you like horror? Hell yea, I grew up on horror movies. That shit is just fun.

Any goals in the next couple years? Yeah, I would love to play tha Gathering of tha Juggalos. I would have tried to this year but, just could not get up there.

What is tha "War on Mainstream" movement about? It is about putting out good music. Not being a dicc rider of shit. It's about staying with the indie grind and doing your own shit. Saying if you bitch motherfuccas don't want me... Then fucc it I will do it myself.

Have you seen any good shows lately? Last show I saw was in Tyler when House of Pain, Everlast, and The Dirtball played. Met The Dirtball and that was pretty dope. Everlast put together one of tha best shows I have ever seen. To have come into Tyler and played a 2 full hour set. That's wassup.. Saw Kottonmouth Kings and Potlucc last year. That shit was dope too

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