B.I.G. Sergio

B.I.G. Sergio
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Geto Rednecc Interview

Geto Rednecc Interview

Undergroundrap1: What kind of rap or music are you in to?

Geto Rednecc: I grew up on rap and heavy metal. The first album I bought was Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill (I was 10 years old). And next I bought Whitesnake. lol. In my teenage years I jammed NWA, Dre, Snoop, Geto Boys were a major favorite... Scarface. 2 Pac of course... Then ICP around 95. Ringmaster, Riddlebox, and my favorites Bizar Bizzar... That shit is sicc... Tech N9ne. JAM.

Undergroundrap1: Have you been to any good shows lately?

Geto Rednecc: Everlast, House of Pain and The Dirtball. Put on a helluva a show in Tyler Texas a while bacc. Everlast played for 2 hours in front of maybe 200 people. Props to that dude. Seen Kottonmouth Kings, Twiztid, Potluck in the last year... All good shows.

Undergroundrap1: You are big in to the underground?

Getorednecc: Hell yeah, alot of talent out there. B.I.G. Sergio is a gangsta muthafucca outta Longview where I'm at... I gotta lot of respect for guys like Kottonmouth Kings and Tech N9ne who done that indie shit. The Dirtball has a flow I ain't heard since old Eminem and why everbody ain't on that dude yet I have no idea... Hopsin a bad ass too.

Undergroundrap1: When did you start making beats?

Getorednecc: Shit, about 9 months ago. I am WAY new. I enjoy doing it as a hobby. I got a TON to learn... And I know it. I've made 200 beats and I would honestly say only 10 or so sound good enough to use... Practice Practice Practice....

Undergoundrap1: What do you hope to accomplish?

Getorednecc: I don't really have any goals musically... Maybe have a couple of my favorite rappers use a beat of mine... Just because it would be effin' cool. I really don't plan on making money doing this shit. I work a regular job like most dudes... I am just having alittle fun farting around.

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